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Mitten Scarf

# 46 : This  hand knitted cabled mitten scarf by Ruth Cross is made using a chunky looking supersoft lambs wool.  An interesting idea, this scarf has integrally knitted mittens on each end which are either super quirky decoration or wonderfully hand warming extras or both!  Handy no doubt – won’t lose your mittens easily.  Great for really cold days (at the footy).  Only GBP 118.00 and available in a big range of delicious colours.  I happen to like the grey.


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Coming up Roses

# 45 : Today’s scarf is yet another ETSY find.  Clever people on ETSY.  This one is by Zuazag and is a real stunner not to mention a fabulous bargain at US 70.00.   It’s pure wool, very plain and long, long, long at 280cm with gorgeous long fringing.  But the standout – the thing that makes it so different, is the rosettes.  In the photo it looks woven, but could be knitted and slightly felted. Simply gorgeous!! and given my penchant for wearing black or shades thereof, would make a nice little addition to my wardrobe (if it weren’t for the 200 or so other scarves already fighting for that space).

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Headband Scarf

# 44 : Scarves are not only for wearing around the neck. And for this season it seems that a scarf around the head is a must have style accessory. This image of Lisa Origliasso (The Veronicas) borrowed from a Dolly Magazine article on celebrity scarf style shows the “scarf worn as a headband” in all its glory. A truly gorgeous look – that not everyone could carry off.

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Tribal Scarves

# 43 : Tribal scarves are an interesting sub-segment of the scarf market. And there is nothing more tribal (in my opinion) than football fans. In my world it’s about Australian Rules Football – and each week, hundreds of thousands of avid fans turn out in club colours to cheer on the gladiators in the arena. Today’s scarf does not belong to me. It is not my club colours : it belongs to a friend of mine and he wears it with pride (some times elation and sometimes disappointment – as we all do). And though it galls me because it’s definitely the wrong colours … I did say I would post it …. and here it is.

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The Matta with Eva

# 42 : Loved this image of Eva Longoria in a stunning Matta Dupatta scarf.  Unfortunately I tried to get onto the Matta site to learn more about this delicious piece, but the site is down for renovation.  Keep your eye on the site … it may come back up at any time.  Meanwhile, feel free to dribble over this gorgeous image borrowed from the Polyvore website.  Follow the links to Singer 22 if you’re keen to get hold of one.  Or go to d-luxonline.com for their beautiful silk/wool version called Louella.

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Stunning Silk Scarf

# 41 : Another d-luxonline treasure – this beautiful Lily silk printed scarf/wrap with fringes is really something special.  It’s large (110x200cm), glamorous and comes in the most divine colourways. At AUD 79.95 it’s an absolute steal.

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Blissful Cables

# 40 : This fantastic Debbie Bliss Chunky Cabled Scarf is knitted in the new Debbie Bliss yarn Glen (a supersoft alpaca, merino and microfiber blend) the finished scarf measures approximately 18cm by 250cm. The pattern is easy to follow and is even suitable for a cable novice!  If you’d like to try your hand a these relatively simple cables, you can find kits at Cafe Knit.

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