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Ball & Chain Scarf

# 16 : It’s hard to think about wearing a scarf when the weather is warmer, but now the it’s definitely turned autumnal in Melbourne and scarves are starting to appear everywhere again.  I love this time of year.  I found this funky and functional Cowl/Neckwarmer on ETSY. It’s called ball and chains for obvious reasons, and it’s made from a soft Lambswool blend by swakdesigns.  It’s quite a simple  concept, but very cleverly executed. The additional of the Italian metallic buttons really adds the finishing touch.  I love trawling through ETSY, it’s so inspirational


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Winter is Coming

# 15 : It’s getting colder now in Melbourne.  Today’s forecast is for 19 degrees celsius.  Scarf weather.  Yay!!!!!!  This gorgeous scarf is one of my own designs.  Available in different colours in kit form very soon from Open Drawer in Camberwell.  It’s knitted in the round from mixed yarn with a cute little crochet brooch for embellishment  This is a beta tester, knitted by my friend Jan. I love that soft mint and mauve colourway – the colours work beautifully together.

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Fair Felted Scarves

# 14 : I seem, for some reason to be really drawn to felted scarves recently, even though I am a knitter myself.  This work is from a Melbourne Felt Artist, Elizabeth Armstrong of Frost Fair.    Some artists have a real feel for colour and Elizabeth’s colour sense really resonates with me, as does her felting skill.  Her works look wonderfully wearable – and they are for sale on her website.

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Felt So Good

# 13 : I’m really enjoying searching the web for new and different scarves to bring you.  This is the wonderful art of US felt artist Danielle Gori-Montanelli. Her use of colour and her innovative designs are simply breathtaking.  You can easily see that she brings a jewellers perspective to felted neckwear.  For more images of her stunning work you can google her name or there is a selection of her work available for sale here.

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A Different Twist on Scarf365

# 12 : I am constantly amazed by the creativity of some people.  This exerpt from the Green Diary Blog just blew me away.

The ticking of the clock was never so interesting and cool. Berlin-based designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen creates a clock, but with a twist. This amazing timepiece not only keeps perfect time, but also knits time in 3-D. Knitting a row each day, this innovative creation pops out a 6.5-foot scarf after a year. Isn’t that unbelievable? Now, let me tell you how this mind-boggling machine works. The machine’s face has a spool of yarn hooked up to a pair of needles that Wilhelmsen programmed using an Arduino board to knit a single mesh on the half hour. After the scarf is complete, you simply place in a new spool for your next knitwear


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Scarf Festival 2011

# 11 : The 2011 Scarf Festival is upon us.  This year’s festival is themed Rhythm of Life and runs from 24 June to 21 August.  Entries are open now and  are due no later than 4.00 p.m. on Friday 6 May.  I love the scarf festival … it’s a wonderful celebration of scarves.  Crafters from all over Australia (and some from overseas) get to show of their beautiful works.
If you get a chance, you should get down to the National Wool Museum in Geelong to have a look.  This is my “Circles Felted Scarf” which won “Best Felted Scarf” is from the 2010 scarf festival. It’s machine felted hand dyed pure wool. This piece is available for sale at Open Drawer in Camberwell, Victoria.

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When is a Scarf not a Scarf?

# 10 : This piece really isn’t a scarf at all.  It’s a neckpiece.  But so incredibly clever and striking, I just had to include it.  So please excuse my digression.  I pulled this pic off ETSY – made by Daimmar and it’s for sale at US67.00, which I find quite amazing.  How can someone possible make something as intricate and exquisite as this piece and and sell it for a pittance.  Simply gorgeous.

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